First day of Snow in Indianapolis-2 oil studies


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Both about 4.5 x 6". First is my 8 yo GD tossing clumps of snow at the dog in the back yard; second, a neighbor girl landed on the ball she was making for the snowman in the front yard. They--she, her sister and my GD used most of the snow in two yards between the snowball fights and building the snowman. (The glare doesn't help...) C&C welcomed!

ntl, I like how you found color to these snow scenes! Usually snow scenes are just so white and it's often hard to find color to them. You are lucky you got to paint snow. We haven't had any and I wonder if we will at all. Last yr we didn't.
Sno, Thanks!
Moscatel, I'm glad to see you're here! Thanks for stopping in and for your words.
I love these. I feel the excitement.

Our winters appear to be warmer and wetter. In the South, spring flowering bulbs like daffodils can flower in November.

That said, there is a famous refrain, translated from a medieval poem in French. "Where are the snows of yesteryear?"
lain, thank you! They had so much fun. The day was relatively warm and they were out most of the day.
I really love these. I forgot to mention yesterday, but I had my browser window open to this for a while admiring the style of them. Really quaint scenes that touched me. Well done!!!