figure challenge


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i am going to try to (attempt to) do a figure drawing daily for a month. :oops:

day 1 - charcoal pencil on 6 x 9" sketch paper.

day 01 Posevember.jpg
You are ambitious! This is a nice one. Did you have a live model? How are you doing these?
i am using the ref pics from

day 2

charcoal pencil on 6 x 9" sketch paper
i am going to go through some different papers that i have kicking around with charcoal pencils until i find one i really like. so far, the 2 papers i've used are 'meh'! :LOL:

day 02 Posevember.jpg
These are all soooo good! We will tag along to watch your progress.
Yesterday on Black Friday, Sktchy ran a special discount for their January class (a portrait a day) so signed up again for that. Have you ever done that one?