Feeding Time


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Here is one I did a few years ago. It is 8x10 acrylic on canvas board. Thanks for looking.
Feeding Time.jpg
Very nice. I like the softness of the feathers on the bird. Impressive detail on the bird feeder. Good work at keeping the trees in the background.

I think it is a lovely painting and I am glad you shared it with us.

You have "C/C graciously accepted" in your signature line so I'll make an observation.

My eye gets pulled away from the bird and more to the bird feeder than might have been intended. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the sharp value contrasts and crisp lines of the bird feeder against the softness of the bird.
I love this palette - so soothing to the eye. Great job on the bird, and especially the feeder!

I will echo what Anne is saying about the eye getting drawn away, but for me it's about the size of the feeder. I feel it rather dominates the scene. Your detail work is amazing on this feeder!! But the painting might be stronger if a good half of it were cropped out, so more attention can be given to your charming main subject. :) I hope that makes sense.
I think the 3D volume on the bird is missing. That would put the attention where it should be. Nice coloring.
Artyczar, ams, Terri, and Enyaw - Thanks for the input, it is really appreciated. I am going to try and bring some focus on the Chickadee and see if I can improve it. I will repost on this thread when done. Tks again.
Lovely soft colouring on the bird, I especially like the buff feathers with the white edges. I really like the way you've painted the background trees too. :)
I agree with the others, The color and shape of bird and feeder are well done, however the feeder and the bird compete for attention, and for me, too, the feeder is too big. The bird, while generally well done, appears flat. Adding shadowing under the wing, on the white of face, neck, and breast to round those areas would help.

I see you did this a few years ago. If you choose to make a few adjustments now, maybe these suggestions will help. (I just made adjustments on one to help it.)
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Much better Cindy. My eye goes to the bird now. (y)

Love how you captured the soft feathers on his belly and the way you transition from one color to another on the feathers. Nice work!