Favorites from Completed Sketchbook


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Both are colored pencil. When determining which direction to go with the Tree of Life drawing I've posted previously, I presented these 2 concepts to my client (who is also my aunt). She loved both, but ultimately chose the more realistic route.


Colored pencil and marker. This is a rainbow octopus, and they are gorgeous. Definitely worth checking out some images of them!


Another colored pencil piece. I wanted a sort of glitchy, textures background, and it took forever, but I like it! Wish I'd done the leaves green or blue though. They get kind of lost.


Oil pastel and colored pencil.


Colored pencil. Trying to work on more realistic skin tones instead of expecting the "peach" pencils to magically look natural somehow!


Colored pencil, marker and white paint pen for highlight and texture. One of the 1st times drawing from reference in years (yes, I finally outgrew the ridiculous "real artists don't use references" mindset).


Marker and colored pencil. Drew inspiration from the art on a Bic lighter, of all things!


Colored pencil. One of my first real attempts to translate a black and white reference into color. Quite pleased with it!


Colored pencil, with some white paint pen accents.


And finally, another marker piece.

All pieces are Prismacolor colored pencil, Pentel oil pastels, or Ohuhu alcohol marker on 9x12 inch Strathmore sketch paper.
All very wonderful, creative works. I don't know which are my favorites. Maybe the octopus, the first tree to the left, and the seahorse. The seahorse is really cool! ♥️
I enjoyed looking through these. I really like your use of colour. I really like the last piece with the trees and the octopus too (I did look them up, they're amazing). Hope to see more! :)
I really like all of these, they are all so interesting and polished. They don't belong in a sketchbook, they belong on a wall, framed. ❤️❤️
Lovely. I think my favorite is the bird. I agree with Snoball, these are much nicer than I would expect to find in a sketch book.