Father and son in charcoal


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My version of a pixabay reference in charcoal on brown paper, 10x14"
10x14 pb charcoal.JPG
Very sweet. I love the crisp lines and the shading seem perfect. Really great piece. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Very nice work, Christel! Good choice of black and white with that paper.
Very nice Christel. I like how both the father and son are looking at the viewer.
Great work, Christel! I'm a big fan of charcoal, and you've rendered this one beautifully. :)
A lovely drawing, yet again Christel. 👍
Perhaps just a wee tweak? ..... soften slightly the dark edge of the father's cheek and forehead on the right? See how much softer the form is elsewhere when outlines are not visibly hard?
I like the first version. This is just sweet. You have achieved a realistic dimension in both man and child in roundness of figure and appropriate sizes and shapes of limbs and bodies.
Sorry if you thought I meant lighten the whole heads Chrystal … I actually was just referring to the dark line on his left cheek (our right) of the father….. sometimes just bouncing an eraser on such a line lifts the hardness. So sorry … cos I like your first version too. Eek!
Beautiful Christel. I prefer the first version too. Perhaps a soft kneaded eraser could lift some of the white if you decide there is too much.
Thanks Atyczar, Snoball, Maureen, Ntl, Anne! Sometimes making adjustments afterwards just don't work too well:LOL: It was good practice in charcoal.