Fall of freedom


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20 years after...

Acrylics 48x36 paper ,34x39 image on watercolor paper. C&C welcome.
Thanks for the comments.. Last month was the 20th year of this infamous attack to human kind and I did not found the words to express my thoughts... that is why the image.. Too many lies, is time to open the eyes and see the truth...
This really grabs the eye and holds it. Very strong image. Good work!
Not sure what you mean by too many lies, truth etc....

One comment I recall about that individual falling was ... it was part of their life.
The way I interpreted the image was 20 years after 911. People fell from the towers. It was horrible and gruesome, but we should remember them always. After this event, a lot of things happened that may or may not have been necessary, but now we are here. It's part of our past.

There are no political debates allowed on this forum. Some art that's posted might depict certain political stances, and that's fine. We all can voice our interpretations. But once blatant, or disagreement or harassment about these kinds of subjects arise, don't be surprised if the thread gets closed. It's just a rule we have here that we all stay on point with art, not anything else.
Oh my. Brings tears to the eye...
Is painful for me too ... I had to disconnect myself when I was making the base drawing. Specially when I draw the subject, because I could see the expression, I just made it black, did not dare to add color... I took the image you see and left it on the basement. I will not hang it, I actually don't have a clue what to do with it.
Thanks Dave, Maureen, ntl, Triduana & snowball for the comments..