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Wonderful! A friend of mine had one of those years ago! I love the unusual perspective - it's as if we're looking at it in a side mirror from another car.
unfortunately I wouldn't be up to it,
however I would not have missed passion and commitment to 110% because they are wonderful works that I am loving very much, I am very grateful for having published them.
Thank you Joe. You're already doing a great job of it. ;) I appreciate your comments. :love:
Sno, beautiful! 💙💙💙 I'm interested in size and what kind of drawing paper do you use for colored pencils?
Thank you moscatel. That particular drawing was on 11X14 smooth art stock, which is a heavy paper. I sometimes use Bristol. I recently bought a set of Prismacolor soft pencils and am anxious to try them out. They look like you could get some bright colors with them.
Lovely. That thing is on a hoist or I am flat out on my back. Unusual but certainly a great hook of a comp.