Faded wallpaper flowers


2 eyes.
These are not easy to like.

This has a musty smell having been stored in a built-in cupboard that suffers from damp/mold. Smell-o-vision! Would have been pure genius if intentional. Hey, we rely on accident.
Faded wallpaper flowers 1.jpg

Hodgepodge. Bodge might be added
Hodge Podge.jpg
Second one has a metallic look about it. The first is bubblegum mixed in mustard. These are always so interesting to examine.
Even here we had Bazooka Joe. Bubble gum wrapped in a comic strip and a tattoo transfer.
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I like that first one, very appealing, but it looks like some of the impasto has fallen off on the bottom edge and left a fainter image on the support and seems much like the 'frame'. I like it anyway.
Both rich in textures and colours. Easy to like, without the scratch and sniff option. Fave is first.
Thank you for looking and commenting. It is much appreciated as always. I wasn't going to post these (and others!), but I thought, stuff it. Being optimistic, I might only have twenty years.