Faces/figures (Inspired by Olive)


Okay...these are some of my faces (and some figures) done between the ages of 15 to about 20...they are not the best, and I wish I had scanned more of my photographs that are deep in a storage box. (one day I'll do it). Some of these are of course are somewhat cropped so you can just see part of the whole painting.

Please be kind. I was young. Maybe I'll stick a few others in here.



I can't believe I'm showing these. They are so awful! But in a way it's kind of fun.
Love seeing these Arty. It is so interesting seeing the different sides/styles of artists. 😊
Nothing wrong with expression and there are emotions expressed .. Ifavor the 3rd from the left, first row, .. must be the blue
A bit too self-critical, methinks, but that's what's got you where you are today, I guess. If someone else had produced and posted those here, I don't think you would have thought them awful (tell me if I'm wrong).
all good. I favor 2nd row fifth one in - pose, attitude, and partial nudity always a plus.
Thanks everyone. You're too kind.

Iain, you're right, but I could have done better and I know I could now if I put my mind to it. I just don't want to.
Artycazar, they are very beautiful works,
you captured subjects, likeness, it's nice to see them,
over time your art has evolved more and more but it is a beginning to be very proud of, nice to see
, and I think it shows the passion and commitment that you already had and have continued to have (fortunately, fortunately also for us who see the works you post here) for something as wonderful as art.