Eye-book drawing


I know I'm mentioned this before on the other forums, but since it was such a long, "drawn"-out process, I told people to PM me instead if they were interested. It's an exercise in tapping into your imagination. For me, it opened up everything and took a couple of months of doing it every day before I noticed something amazing about letting all fear fall away and tap, almost automatically, into my ideas.

It's based on many different theories squished together (L/R brain, automatic drawing, stream-of-consciousness, looking at your own art objectively, simplifying, and taking risks without judgement), and I don't know exactly which ones work as far as making the brain click, but it works for me, as long as I practice it exactly as the person who taught me it told me to.

I'll see if I have it written down somewhere so I don't have to type it out from the beginning. It was taught to me by artist and art consultant, Ellie Blankfort some years back.
Sounds complicated. I'm not all that good on "practicing" anything. :(
Well, if anyone is interested, I can email it to them. It's 2.5 simple pages. Not filled. I found it, but I practically rewrote it so it's more concise.
If you send it, I will read it. Not sure about following, but I will read it. :)
I've never heared of it and am curious.
Is there anything speaking against posting it here for everyone interested?
If so, I'd be glad to get it mailed.
I found mention of this method on your blog, and tried to google it, only to find this thread :)giggle:).
I have been more or less keeping a pretty chaotic sketchbook, that has seen very intermittent use. What you said about your "eye book" peaked my interest. I will have a look at that pdf file and see if it resonates with me.
yes, I've mentioned it on my blog and on my website (here), but I've never laid out the exact instructions of it on the internet except here on this forum and privately through messaging. I suppose I can cut and paste them into the thread so you don't have to download the pdf if you'd like. It's just long.
Thanks for posting the pdf. This is really interesting to me and I am definitely going to try it!
I have thought of streamlining this into a kind of class, as I've been asked many times to teach it after lecturing to undergrads, (which I don't do anymore because of anxiety). I've made a lot of changes to the original instructions over the years that have made it work better for me. Ellie was good with it, but I don't know if she implemented those changes into her sessions with artists. She and I are due for a long talk one day in the future and I should find out.

Anyway, please keep me posted on how it starts working out for you!
Thanks for posting this, it's really interesting and might just be the kind of thing I need to try, to get my creativity back!