End of The Line ...


Beethoven Cried >> 11 x 14 oil on paper .. Alla Prima


Flower Power .. days of old .. 11 x 14 oil on paper .. Alla Prima


At the moment this appears to be the last of the line series .. It was fun and a good learning experience in color.
I love the colors in the top and the white flower in the 2nd. These are all so great, and you are indeed the speediest painter I know. ;)
thank you Arty and Joe.
I love the colors in the top
Arty: I thought you might have picked up on the bottle neck slide .. the inspiration was a wine bottle slide and a brass slide.
Speed is even good: even in sex if you only want to please yourself. 🤣
I really like both of them but the first one is outstanding! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Thanks Margaret. The second one, I painted and scraped back about three times before settling on this version. Not one that went well but I think I salvaged it. Dancers became hippies. 😂
Your style is so interesting. I like the Flower Power one the best, but both are excellent. Keep it up!