Drive By For Donna



11 x 14 inches .. oil on paper .. alla prima .. painted Mar 13/22

I have gotten out and snapped a few photo references to paint from so out go the old rules for studies such as limited palette and only knives. It's no holds barred. Whatever it takes to get it down is what I use.
Donna liked the fact we had so many ocean views in NS and so here is another one from the road view.
Love the depth and richness of all these colors. Great composition, too. Wonderful!!
Oh wow this is gorgeous, Wayne! The reds peeking through really add life - or maybe I see hints of spring in them. I'm sure you improved on the reference photo by about 1,000%. I just trashed a landscape I was working on in large part because I followed the photo too closely and it showed. :rolleyes:
Thank you Ayin. I have your heart again. Cool.

Thanks Terri

Thanks Donna. Yes, I painted this twice. First time I stayed too close to home colours and it was as tight as drum. Second time round I managed to stay within my value scheme and allow my block in to play a major role.
Thank you Bart, Lamar, and Jo ..

Jo, now I know two people who were crib chewers ..