Dream of Mexico


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I started playing with oil paints as a young adult, but never produce anything worth mentioning. In my my 4th year as a chemistry student at university, the Arts department announced an art competition for all students and staff. I decided to do an oil painting inspired by an aerial photo of a Mexican village. The result was Dream of Mexico, oil on hardboard, 910 x 1220 mm. Much to my astonishment, I won first prize!

Dream of Mexico.jpg
Very decorative and pleasing to the eye. The color choices are powerful yet soft. Nice work and congrats.
It made a beautiful painting and the color definitely says Mexico. Excellent.
Composition is excellent, texture is exquisite, colour sense is perfect for the subject, your innate artistic ability is obvious. I'm astonished that you're astonished it won.
Thanks everyone. Well, I was just a science student elbowing my way into a group of arty people with his first "serious" painting, hence my surprise.
EXCELLENT! I love this! It's beautiful and reminds me of a Klee meets a Hundertwasser.
Hey, thats a good one Hermes! . . .and here I thought you said you were hesitant to post because of a lack of ability at painting.
Thanks, but I genuinely believe my hands are better suited to make 3D objects.

I fully understand that. I am just the opposite. On beginning art school I had illusions of becoming a sculptor. But I think in 2 dimensions. Even my paintings emphasize 2-dimensional composition and design.
I think my proclivity for 3D thinking is the reason I felt so attracted to organic chemistry, which is really only architecture at the molecular level.
This is a very appealing piece with great use of color. I'm not surprised that you won.
I too have a love for organic chemistry. I don't understand much about it, but I'd like to think I have a small grasp on it and it's very interesting to me. I often make up my own visuals that compare to the real stuff (sometimes it's the real true nature of it) and use it in my art quite a lot.
Well done. I love your colour choices and the geometric shapes all add to the story.