Decorated Saguaro


Decorated Saguaro.jpg

9x12 mixed media (gel pens, gouache, and collage) on Grumbacher 140 lb CP finished a few days ago. Over a pencil sketch, I scattered about 20-25 squares cut from magazine pages letting them fall at random. Each was then adhered with matte medium, let dry, and painted in Artsy brand gouache. Thorns were added with multicolored gel pens.
Comments and critique welcome.
This one packs a strong visual punch, Kay! You really nailed those thorns - makes me itch just looking at them! The blooms look particularly great too. I like it :)
This is fabulous, Kay! I love this from top to bottom!

Thanks for describing your process. This is like the gold standard for what I envision when I think of collage. It's gorgeous! :)
This is so creative! I love how you made an ordinary cactus so interesting!