Death In Autumn



this is just a little 5 x 5 in thing. I had some left over paint and wanted to try a few things with the mother load idea. I started with the idea of a light hours on the cliff in a storm but abstracted it past recognition and now it speaks to me of Autumn.
Very abstract on this one and the colors do say Autumn. They blend well together. (y)
thank you Sno.
I managed to get about 6 layers of distance through the paint mixing so I was happy with that. The thing I like about total abstraction is not the image but the lessons learned when one is painting without the mind, so to speak. Those lessons come in to play when you lessen the abstraction in another piece.
Actually in today's world, according to Wayne, the tag would be abstract expressionism but in art it would simply be called a painting. Distinct labels are for curators and sellers of art who prefer to hit a particular audience instead of a general one.
I would see it as costal cliffs with a light house light shining on the rocks nearby and the turbulent water.
It DOES speak of autumn. I see a cave in about the middle, intriguing because it beckons you inside. I like this a lot!
Great one. So very loose, which I love! I agree that it's abstract expressionism. It's definitely not literal. I especially LOVE those violets with the gold. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Thank you Truff. Don't go in caves. I hear they are enlightening. 😳

Thank you Arty. Very limited color but they push each other well.
I don't necessarily see "autumn" I do see "death", so good work on illustration and name! :)