Dada-posting for Iain


I did this in 2003 when I was taking a ceramics class at the local college. I really knew nothing about ceramics and the teacher was kind of a meanie. He didn't want me to make these tiles. It was for my final project and I told him the plan, but he was irritated that it was a "2D" piece instead of a sculpture or a vessel. (I made some of those and they were all horrible.)

Each tile had to be fired two times, I think? It had something to do with the little tiny colors I used to do the cartoon characters, which were based on my dad only simplified. The little holes I made in the tiles didn't all come out right so there was a lot of Dremeling involved after they were done to clear those holes. (Best laid plans...)

I then drilled about a thousand holes in a piece of thick Masonite on hardwood stretcher bars, and used jute to sew them to the panel. The rest is oil paint where I scratched through the pant to give it texture.

This is the best pic I have of it. It's 20 x 16 inches.

When I first saw this I thought the tiles were made of hide or something. The handmade "distressed" quality of the tile, bound like that, works perfectly on the blue-grey surface. And the little handpainted figures of your father are simply delightful! I love the mix of the indigenous (craft) with your modern, dare I say, cartoonish style. I did :) Thanks for sharing this and the process. The alignment of the tiles and holes alone gives me nightmares!
I think I've seen that somewhere before, maybe in one of your newsletters? Blog? I don't know but I really like it. (y) ❤️
I sound like I am describing the work for sale! Sort of. Sothebys here we come! And down go their sales. Sort of.