Crimping The Sun



11 x 14 inches .. oil on paper .. alla prima .. brush/knife .. painted from life .. drawn with the brush as I painted .. painted Dec 4/21
a crimped tub of Indian Yellow .. the ultimate sunshine color: to me anyway .. setup was a pillow case over an empty box ..
I like the colors Wayne but my eye keeps on going to that
dark area on the upper left.
Oh good ... I was afraid there was some kind of disturbance in the solar system. I like your tube of paint and think it looks like it is posing elegantly for you on its comfy box top.
I love this one too. I'm loving your interiors with the brush in the last couple of days! I like the painting in the background. Perfect touch!
Thanks Ayin .. it needed something an' my other option was a tree. 😂

Thank you Sno. Too valuable not to crimp. It's my go to for sun.

Thank you Trier. Beauty getting a tan..