Considering some artistic composition of a videogame (number 59)


weird but not realy in that sense would be in it, more extreme cyberpunk things, some more extremes of magic as well
some cyber alien sorts.. some sensual styles for aliens (primarily women??)
So this is so far, i thought just now that when there is also this magic there need to have something of a nature which bridges magic with technology correctly.
YET it must not stay entirely technologic-wise. sort of hardwork for a person like me (who doesnt have much original imagination just compositions and associations and some refinements).
So, some reptilian-like comes to mind for sensual style but then it is misinterpretable so then there will have utmost women majority in sensual styles and men rulers and some menservants of the ruler as well.. and they wont be all that sensual in the same sense the women warrior will be. And they could be reptilian indeed.. or something like that.
I was considering that there would be like a tournament so numerous small fighters, then some pilotable vehicles more or less pilotable by small fighters and a little bigger small fighters as well (walker sorta, small attack vehicle) and also some big attack vehicles as well but those not as wide in selection as the primary warriors.
some species will have basically bigger warriors who cannot pilot vehicles.. and i am quite puzzled wether one or few quite human or entirely human factions should have big men as well (and perhaps somewhat wide). i am realy puzzled. I understand for more alienlike, but even the cyberpunk style will just pilot a vehicle not swap the body (you know small lungs and everything inside if not canistery)
a bit of consideration about sizeable men. What i calculated with initially for big men seems to be near the size (for the height) of Mauler from Bloodrayne 1. I have considered that this size even requires quite some more drinking of food compared to chewing food so need different intestines as well. However there was also a bigger size in my imagination however which would be especially more crablike (soso). And this could be possible with my brain dimensions to be still aestheticly human, however i am not sure now how much drinking does it require. In videogames such type of larger size (improvement above Mauler's) could be machinelike a bit, crablike as i mention it when considering motion and dimensions, could be good climber (well need strong enough foundation), and when considering human face only but a few faces could be fitting (perhaps largely just one). So the extreme still socializable size (soso) could only belong to some brutish or golumlike humanoid nonhumans or sort of insectide faced or the like or mutants, or Basically Bane-Extreme. When considering science fiction (with Bane, lesser science fiction). Then the goodness value coming with that extreme size, is not as present in videogames so all videogames considered and compared (well the major classic ones) are not as goody goody compositions.. That one face (or perhaps a few) fitting for the extreme human size however maybe utilized in individual videogame(s?) somehow.
when considering shapelanguage of large muscle, its either powder more or less muscle-y hard or soft powderattractions or creamy a bit but round goody, or like a little bit relaxed sludge but still creamy in a sense, while smaller sizes can be curved in various ways to show variable different eloquences with clothing decoration especially.
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actually about the crazyier some cyberpunk sort of things. Yeah some of those might be a fit for another videogame with some modifications of the shapelanguages (but not too much). I have considered another videogame composition which can be large as well. But it is sort of hard and such. so might as well one or two cyberpunk into this other considered (if its two that way additional to the already existing in it, it might be rocking in some way so then need to chose wisely so that it is rocking in a darker, yet eloquent not necesserily as dark way [not quite sure about the rest of the species but in this other videogame one is related to dark skeleton but not necesserily too dark would consider it good with darkgreyish hints to nearblack colour or greyish darkbrown]). Therefore i will have to see in all this process a natural eloquence.
(as i was doing things with care, and have considered somewhat about these sizes as well as quickly recalculated the ninja's giants' size (6 meter tall approx), i have found two neat lines one smaller and one three times as wide. (rather thick). in chocolete, eating with care [sometimes poop signs as well, rather i wipe it with the toilet paper, but bubble pourings are more often]).
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Translation: lkjsijwoieufpojqwjfljwqlfmflmlqm/;wlmflqmwlwfkjpoepoj0980970239urio@##%^**_)i[k2kf0-8-9*_)*-0-0*_)*P)p;k;welfm.

I got a few things in liquid bubbles but i am not sure if i should list it because those ideas seem to be wide around in approach to some composition (perhaps to the topic starter one, or the other one mentioned?). Certainly it includes one thing outside the scope of this two compositions: More neon cyberpunk or so. Thats like a sort of roundish bottom flat on top sunglass.
So i got settled with a few things. I have declared that at most 1 cyberpunk substile present in this skeletal darkish videogame (the other one mentioned), while this one style could have a very similar implementation in the topic starter videogame composition as well.
This topic starter videogame would be colourful as well, some magnificent gastronomic composition as well maybe superimposed/associated with it. But the idea has roots in Killer quake pack 2.2 or so, so it is in a sense trashhouse as well (to sort of like that, not so much garbagehouse). Its trashiness and funtoys associations would have to be set up well enough i think. hard job.
...then some pilotable vehicles more or less pilotable by small fighters and a little bigger small fighters as well (walker sorta, small attack vehicle)...
Hmmm... I'm picturing some sort of walker jousting tournament there, with the requisite melee to follow, of course :)
so then more few things about trashy-goodies. Something gold but fairly fragmented-about, An alloy sorta armour on a cyborg robot sort of being like a predator but different a bit. Some sort of entlers but that i think is out (because it just fits fantasy and then it is overutilized, what could be the benefit anyway). Then hard rock-glass-chrystal formations but not sure for whom
EDIT: The rocks are for the ninja faction [the more traditionalish].
I would strongly suggest putting some of those ideas into actual pictures and show us, stop trying to explain your concepts verbally...
I would strongly suggest putting some of those ideas into actual pictures and show us, stop trying to explain your concepts verbally...
ah, thats no good, sort of paintish skills but i have rock skills or something trashy about such skills with drawing, while this is a large project which i want to expand up and refine somewhat during this lifetime doing so for a while, whilst at oportunate times i would also work on smaller projects which i could alone complete perhaps.
not so much treshhouse actually more like some elaborate feelish associated with thingies you have (but good ones at that)
and i have essambled 51 factions.
actually just 50. 1 of it has some vague description, something a sort of blue (coincidentally) is included in it, while it must have shapes which is fit with Chrystmas ornaments. I consider it could be one another faction and a realy humanlikes coalition and both using armour on the sense of Christmas ornaments or more like these chocolete coated often gelatinous candy hanged on the tree.. the style of that!
I am not sure if you are familiar with the same range of christmas ornaments as myself. Anyway it would work best if there is largely just 2 factions one humanlike and the other is alien, possibly insectlike. Eye-horn (or horn-eye) insectides have been declared as two other factions. Any ideas on that one faction left to be designed?
(also when i get around to making this videogame i include credits [money] from the income to whoever resolves it. I considered also possibly including such a talented artist in the team [myself being not very efficient with drawing and modeling yet]. Additionally there is a need for one more faction on number 52 place which looks sort of alien, yet familiar yet weird sensations yet unique yet in a sense with liquid potential when considering feels of the composition perhaps some more liquidy sauce anyway perhaps murky if this is the right word.. but not too much)
Then it would be perfect (first i would like to work on other videogame so far since i am alone i am considering making a fairly small one, and if it succeeds i make 1 or few more small ones and perhaps a big enough team can be recruited to make a big one, remember how many species there are in Unreal and Unreal tournament universe).
EDIT: I have an approximate solution to number 52 race
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