Iain mentioned this piece recently because I posted it on Instagram. It's older from 2010. These are my little characters I made up named Dan. I did a whole series on him. He's a non-distinct animal that is neither a dog or a cat, nor a horse, or a bear, but maybe he is all those things. He can also be two people in an animal suit.

I did this with various fabric, embroidery, some acrylic paint on a raw linen canvas. It's 30 x 40 inches.

I need to see a lot more Dan.

All this thread and fabric is killing me. What a beautiful, tactile piece this is. I would destroy it from petting it all the time. 😆
Arty I love this. Reminds me of those big kites shaped like creatures people fly at the beach. It also has a certain subliminal appeal in that it echos our world where goods are mass-produced "the same but different" same shirt different colors, same ice cream cone different flavors. Same cans different labels --
Oh, can't wait to show this to my betrothed! She's a fabric hound and she will (as I do) love the mammalian ambiguity aspect and love the name of the creature. And Dan looks so darned agreeable :)

Thank you Terri, I will post more Dan pieces (though I feel like I have posted every painting of mine on this forum already). If you guys don't mind me posting again? Or maybe I can re-enliven the ones from the past or something.

Bongo, thanks! I appreciate your feedback and didn't even think about those kinds of insights before.

Lazarus, your compliment is fantastic! You make me smile ear to ear!

Thank you sno, Nufocus, laika, Donna, Queen, all of you have made my day! :) ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Thank you Terri, I will post more Dan pieces (though I feel like I have posted every painting of mine on this forum already). I
Yes, more Dan!! This forum is growing by leaps and bounds, and there are plenty of us who haven't seen everything - not by a long shot.
I love the ideas in this style and technique, the use of fabrics, the little characters with their subtle changes from one to another. I love the execution too, that helps these subtle differences.
It reminds me somehow works from a cousin artist: she used threads together with other techniques (painting, etch printing, digital printing, collage, ...
Oh wow! I am delighted by everyone's response to this piece. I am tickled to death. Really, To death! I'm dead now. Ha ha !

I will post more of him. I promise. Even if I've posted him before, or maybe just resurrect some old threads.

Thank you thank you thank you EVERYONE!!!! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️