Coneflower Confetti


Coneflower Confetti.jpg

8.25x5.25 mixed media in junk journal done today, a coneflower sketched with STA Lictin 0.3 pigment liner pen, painted with watercolor,then cellophane clear tape with acrylic and alcohol ink pieces on the inside adhered, and blue Montana marker for background. Only three or so more pages left in the 1950 grunge book I've been doodling in since 2017 left to go.
C&C welcome!
I have seen dozens of your fabulous sketches in this book over the years, and will be sad to see it "finished"! :)
It's been fun to watch your book unfold Kay. You do things I've never heard or seen of.
OMG, you must get another "grunge" book after this one is done. I love all these, and this one is particularly wonderful! ❤️