Cobalt Gladiolas


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So, in-between sore knees and hips, and paint spatter in my hair, and tired-unto-death end of days as we refurbished DH's office with paint and new flooring, I managed to finish this. I like it- but there's one with the glad laying across the bowl in profile that also has possibilities. We'll see.


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Thank you, Terri, and you, too, Sno! :love: 🤩 :love:

That gray background is a large flat one I made out of dust from the catch tray on my easel from earlier ones- I was raised by a Depression-era Mother and throwing away that dust is way too hard. It has some fairly large bits in it, so sometimes a tiny streak of yellow! or pink! or something will sing out, but it's mostly a neutral mix of everything.
Love this with the complements. Your gray pastel idea is so good. I haven't done that for a long time. I haven't been painting enough. Thanks for the beautiful painting and inspiration!
You did great with these complimentary colors...the smooth softness in this piece makes this one. It has a wonderful feeling and it's, of course, gorgeous. ♥️
@Jo Castillo It's always rather surprising to discover you're missing something like painting, isn't it? Dive back in- best way.

Yes it does, @Bongo I think that's why I had to do this comp!

Thank you, @Artyczar; after the almost but absolutely not close enough of the flowers in front of a window curtain, it was nice to have it work so well this time. Hate getting stuck in a same-same-same series, but if they work, well, could do worse, right?
Love the whole piece. This would attract attention across a room. What are the dimensions?