City Walk


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This one is a departure from my usual style; pushing the envelope, so to speak. I can't decide if I like it or not.
18x24 oil, C&C most welcome. Thanks.
City Walk.jpg
I like it a lot, Susan

The brushwork and modulation of colors alone is worth the price of admission, IMHO.

I may be just a Deplorable, but as my art teacher says, " style is whatever you want to do at the moment", and since I am self-taught, I can't argue with that.

I think it's a first step in the exploration phase and I hope you will continue dabbling in this area.
Nice piece.
Thanks so much, everyone, for your thoughtful comments. I think I never got the background right on this. But I'll keep dabbling at it, as Jon says.
Since Katie drew my attention to this painting again, I wanted to add some specifics about what's so good about it. First, the color is really nice. Secondly, the stylized forms and gesture of the figures is really pleasing - you show their movement and I especially like the leaning woman with the purse in the foreground and the guy striding while studying his phone. Third, the way you've just suggested the environment works very well - any more and it might have taken away from the figures. We can still see it's a city sidewalk b/c of the lines. And finally, fourth, the brushwork and broken color works very well too.
Katie and Annie - Thank you both. I so appreciate you taking the time to comment in such thoughtful ways. I had pretty much abandoned this technique as I didn't get any interest from a gallery, but you have encouraged me to return to it and give it another shot. Much appreciated!