Chain Mountain


I was going to put this in Contemporary and Abstract, but I guess it is a landscape after all.

This is a 16 x 20-inch oil on clayboard.

Wowee! Nailed it! The white is like rays of light over the landscape. It is both contemporary/abstract and a landscape! It is a stand-out piece. 😍 Btw, I love the title!
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Woohoo! Thank you for the wonderful words Iain. You make me feel good about it. I am never sure about a painting right after I'm done with it. It takes a day or so to get some objectivity. I'm actually glad I have this place to show some of my work. The feedback helps--when I can get it. ;)
I see the rays from the lighthouse (the triangular oil rig like structure) and radio/radar signals from the pole going over the seas at the foot of the mountains.
I saw the work in progress, Arty, and I must say that the end result is wonderful. Building a well composed and very colorful scene by means of geometric shapes is not an easy task. You executed it admirably!
Thanks sno, I'm so glad you say that. I wasn't sure at first, but it just came along that way.
Interesting how you see the radio tower Trier. I like it! :)
Nufocus, thank you for your words. It did take some thinking and I guess it paid off. Thanks!