Cat Nap(s)


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After watching my two cats napping by the large sliding glass door here at my mom's condominium, I started thinking about their dreams, watching those little paws twitching occasionally.

Their personalities could not be more different. Bex is a lover, not a fighter. Finn considers herself a mighty hunter.

Anyway - Cat nap(s)! 12x16" Arches Oil paper, using a grab bag of OP's: Neopastel, Mungyo Gallery Soft, and Sennelier.

Cat nap(s).jpg

I broke my own rule about using oil pastels here at my mom's, and of course I dropped and stepped on one (again!). They're all boxed up again ready for the final move.

All comments welcomed and appreciated. :) Thanks for looking!
ok - you stole my heart! I LOVE these - anything cat will grab my attention, but this is just fabulous! You depicted their differences purrfectly. Love the colors, composition, the silliness, the colors... well, everything! Big Love! ❤️
not a cat lover but that complimentary color bang of the killer cat is eye grabbing.
OK, I absolutely love this! Brilliantly conceived, brilliantly executed!
CaliAnn, Wayne, Lamar - thanks to all of you! ❤️

CaliAnn - glad you think they were so purrfectly captured. :ROFLMAO:

Wayne - heh. That was the effect I was after, so I'm happy it caught your eye.

Lamar - Thank you!! I'm so tickled you like it! I rarely enjoy my paintings while working through them, but at least in this instance I confess I was chuckling at Miss Finn.
OMG, Finn is laying waste to the countryside, dead bodies everywhere!!! :)
....yes. Look how happy she is! Such a her dreams.

(My husband says he thinks the foot across the tail of the rat trying to flee is the best part.) :LOL:

Meanwhile, Bex frolics amongst the butterflies and flowers.
Fantastic work, Terri! I love how you painted their personalities! This must be a real hit with your family. My 18 year-old cat snores, twitches and growls with a curled lip. He was definitely more Finn than Bex in his prime. I'll be back to admire this many more times. :love:
Donna, Sno, Joe - thank you all!

Donna: it's never too hard to understand our critters' personalities, is it? Sounds like your boy is right out there with Finn, in his dreams!
Oh, I absolutely love this! ♥️ I can't decide which side I love more, but Bex's dream is so beautiful while Finn's is so funny! :ROFLMAO: I love Bex's expression, so proud and serene. There's something about the blending that speaks to my aesthetic, whimsical sense as well. I'm so happy you are getting in this creative work before the big move. I would have probably boxed everything up a couple months prior and just waited until I was settled on the other side. I'm impressed! :)
Thanks so much, Ayin! Well, I never should have taken out the OP's that I came across - it was just a matter of time. They have since been returned to the boxes and re-taped. No more temptation (or chances of another mess in here)! But I would have gone even more bonkers than I already am without getting a little something done. ;) (I have left out my pencils, those are easier to transport and not messy.)