Bukowski the Artist


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You may know Charles Bukowski (1920-1994) for being a writer.
You may Not know, he's been painting . <- THERE you'll find a HUGE LOT of Bukowski's painting thanks to the devoted work of mjp, who's built and built-up this site and runs it and keeps it being the one-and-only-ressource worldwide on Bukowski, which will secure him a special stool at the eternal bar in heaven.

Here are the two originals by Bukowski that I (proudly) own:


[for the sake of revelation, I've extracted something on the next one: (to the right)]

Roni, you've probably seen the larger paintings in Bukowski's bedroom in San Pedro. Most of them made as gifts for Linda. The small ones in the books are cool, but his larger paintings are a whole different ballgame.
paintings in Bukowski's bedroom in San Pedro
Nope. I've seen what was hanging in the living-room and been upstairs in his (o so familiar) small working-room [where nothing of his' was hanging then (in October 2010)], but Never in the bedroom.
You been in the Bedroom?
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I was invited, I wasn't sneaking around.
Of course. I never would have thought, you'd do such a thing and beside that, Linda wouldn't let you. So, sure it was clear, that it came by invitation. I meant it more like: Wow, she was really showing you ALL around! That is something.
Not a great picture of this pen and ink piece, but it's in a frame with a note and a signature.



We had this one, but recently sold it. It was in a book:


I don't think we'll ever sell this:


Oh yeah, we also have this Michael Montfort photograph:


The other art we have are in books. I don't have pics of them.