Brush Pen Drawings


These are some brush pen drawings I've done (small sample). I did a book of about 60 of them. They were fun.










Varied and wonderful. I like how it almost seems to be mindless doodling but yet, they turn in to wonderful drawings.
Very good, with a hint of Hundertwasser in some of them. It seems to be an unforgiving technique: no second chances if you screw up.
Thanks everyone. Hermes, I love Hundertwasser. Nice compliment, thank you. ❤️

Yes, you can't "mess up," but most are pretty abstract. Using the thin part of the tip is difficult though, for those super thin lines. For the Wheel-o I penciled it in first.
Very nice drawings. I am a bit looking around for something that can make a varied ink line. It must be waterfast and fadeproof, and preferably refillable.
What kind of brushpen did you use?
Thanks for the answer Artyczar. Sakura Pigma has a good rep. The fineliners I use and like at the moment are Uni-pin, waterproof pigment ink, but also non refillable, and no line variation.
I am considering either a fountain pen (with a fude or a flex nib), or a pentel brushpen, we'll see, I am in no rush.
And tbh no real need for more art supplies, but you know how it is:sneaky:
I found it had plenty of line variation. Try them sometime. They also dry very fast.
Yeah, that's why I asked, I could see that in your drawings. If I come across them in retail I will sure pick one up ((they are on my "stuff I might want" list).
Art supply stores are few here and as we live in the middle of nowhere all pretty far away. The best ones of course most far (actually as far as possible; they are literally on the other side of the island...).
Online ordering is a pita when it's from abroad.
There are no art shops anywhere in sight here. I have to order everything on the Internet. :(