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Everybody's posting boots so I may as well jump on the bandwagon. I've probably posted these before. :giggle:

If you did, it's good to see them again. I LOVE this. It's too sweet. Okay, not too sweet, but you know what I mean, plus it's amazingly rendered and the light is crazy good. It's a masterpiece really. Did you do it from life, or a photo, or?
Snoball is a wonderful work, every stroke, fold and thought that accompanied every line and choice of the work is wonderful.
Amazing work, sno. Simply perfect.

Does one come away from.a work feeling satisfied or only seeing what one might have got better...
Thank you Iain. Sometimes satisfied and sometimes picking it apart. :giggle:
Extremely accomplished displaying contrasting colour and textures and the highlighted leather is excellent. The tiny tears in the laces just gives added panache.
You're a wonderful artist.
Masterful !
It looks like you could make a triptych with separate paintings of just one pair each and then together as you have them. Not sure if that would qualify as a real traditional triptych, but I think they would look good together.