Blue Vase



11 x 14 Alla Prima Oil on Panel
As Snoball would say: " Realistic abstract (or abstracted realism) ^_^ " Pick one, any one. ;)
You've painted the flowers beautifully. I have never done a still life painting, but after seeing this one, I think I should try it some time.
This one is a zinger! Love the looseness and the gorgeous blue vase. You didn't even have to title it, a blue vase is the first thing seen. (y)
thank you Hermes .. it's enjoyable trying to get to the end without messing a stroke ... never got close yet but it's an enjoyable struggle and I am getting further and further along.
thanks Laf ... light is life! ... another step ...
thanks Sno, I did to my annoyance, make it all about the vase
Thanks Joe .. glad you like it ..
Wow, thank you Arty. My wife loves the thing. I have not kept a painting in over two months as I wipe them back and use the panel for the next one. This one went on the keeper rack.