Blue City Sunset


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18x24 oil on canvas. An old one that you may have seen before. C&C welcome.
Blue City Sunset.jpg
I love those colors! This is so cool, Susan. Did you do a color study or sketch first or did you just wing it?
Wonderful! It almost looks digital in a way. I love how the red parts seep down into the buildings. This is a great one! ♥️
Great color. I remember art like this from the seventies or eighties but I can't remember the artists.
Thank you all very much for your comments - really appreciated.:):)
Donna - Thanks for your question and interest. I always do a study first, in color, on my PC using the Art Rage program. I'm not sure if it influences me in a more digital direction as well or if that's my natural inclination anyway. But it sure helps to try out color schemes. I don't think I could do it successfully 'in my head'!
Wow!! This is so expertly rendered! Love your colors and cityscape shapes. Just terrific.
This is fab, the colours are gorgeous and I find the painting really calming somehow
You are all so nice to comment - very much appreciated, and many thanks for taking the time.
This painting always seems to me more like a poster or print - so two-dimensional.
A great idea! I love it very much. ❤️ This succession of color plans from the near foreground up to the sky far away gives the perfect impression of depth.
I think it's very good. I love the colour mix and it just all works together really well.
You could have played it safe and not applied that shock of red paint in the center. It would still have been a beautiful painting. But that blood red application, like a wound, jolts this work into another direction. The sun doesn't simply dip behind the horizon but melts into the very fabric of the city, becoming part of the night scape. I applaud your craft and your courage.
rcleary, I don't think of myself as courageous, but thank you very much for saying so! Glad you like it.