Blanket for a Baby


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i’ve put my other knitting on hold to knit a blanket for a baby due in the new year. It’s in cotton, which isn’t elastic and needs tight, neat stitches. I enjoy using smaller guage needles. The mother and father are waiting to be surprised by the gender of the baby, so I used this “vanilla” colour. The small photo shows the colour better.

Beautiful. It had such wonderful detail and the kind of craftsmanship to it--the kind that would make me buy it for a baby or an adult! ♥️
Thank you very much, Artyczar. I’ts always special to receive something hand-made. 😎

I thought I might knit one of
those sleeping-bag thingies which enclose the baby so that only it’s face shows!
This is beautiful! So much detail and variation here, and I love the color! The parents are going to be thrilled with this. ❤️ I bet it stays with the family for years.
I’ve finished the blanket. Just need to wash it and pack it ready for the baby’s arrival. I’ve started my next project and will post about that.

Beautiful! One cannot buy something nearly this nice in the shops.
Thank you, Joy. The baby is due in April/May, so plenty of time to wash it and get it ready to hand over.