Black Hole Escape In Alykd-Garish Galaxy


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Trying Alkyds again after several years and this sort of developed by itself.

Used a few marks of Oil Stick plus the paper collage 'holes'. and a few Sharpie marks also.
24 x 18 ins alkyd/paper

The alkyds dry almost as fast as acrylic and faster if you thin with turps or OMS, for me at least.
Comments needed
Very dynamic composition. I was converted to alkyds years ago and have found them to be as capable as oils of delivering textures and delicate glazes. I use Liquin Light as a medium for glazes.
Dynamic is a good description, the composition has very good flow. It leads the eyes.
Another really good one. I love black holes and think they are a compelling subject. This flows nicely and is a well-balanced composition. The colors are also balanced well. Are the black holes paper collage?
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Thanks for the composition comment and the info on using Liquin.

Thanks for the critique, very encouraging.

Your critique is appreciated, and yes, the holes are collages. I had a bit of a time deciding on the number, size, and placement of them and was clumsy in cutting them out of black paper.
You may have noticed some symbolism also but it is too personal to be easily seen.

Thanks, I see the diagonals in your work here also.

Thanks; that white centre just kept growing as I went along.
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I have also made some work where I cut the black holes from black paper. I'll post some.

Edit: I posted them in the figurative forum.
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