Big Sky done! Just framing left to do.


Metamorphosis is happening.
I finished this piece, ready for framing. I so enjoyed making it. Learned so much about this process. So much so that, I have started a new piece.

You can see beginng to end on my website I will keep it up on that page for a few weeks then move it over to “Study In” page on my site.


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Wow, I just love all those different textures. There's so much to look at. Looking forward to seeing your next piece!
That's quite fascinating. I looked at your site to see the process and some of your other work. Good stuff! ❤️ ❤️
It's so beautiful! I love all these textures and colors - wonderful work! Congrats on a job well done! ❤️
Wow! Both beautiful and fascinating at the same time. It's like its own garden universe of texture and story. I love this. I am inspired! ♥️