Basement #2


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This is my second one in a series of basement paintings.
I think I'll do one more. I had to redo everything in this
because the first time the colors were too muted and there
wasn't much contrast going on. So I bumped up all the
8x10, acrylic on canvas board
Thanks for looking

Love it. Your colors are warm and soft - kind of the opposite feeling one might get when walking down to a basement! ;) I love your shadowing, too.

Good one, Perry - I like your basement series! :)
I really like this. I too like the warm colours, and the touches of green. It's nice to see a painting focussed on cardboard boxes that is so interesting! :)
Very nice Perry. I like your coloring. I must have a look at subdued color sometime. It is calming.
Thanks much Terri.....The first attempt I tried to make it look like a dingy
basement. It looked a little too dingy.:)

Thank you Kay....I like painting simple shapes.....because they're simple;)

Thanks much Sno....what a nice complement.

Thanks Queen.....I'm an ordinary guy.

Thanks Wayne.......I didn't know who you were at changed your avatar.

Thanks Arty
Your basement looks like a quiet and peaceful place to be, Perry, and I like this painting very much! (I would no doubt be too distracted by all the wonderful treasures down there to concentrate on painting.)
I like the colors and the shapes. Looking forward to the next one. I wish my basement looked as good as the painted one.