Baby rules



This one is not from yesterday. It’s probably from 2018, methinks. Acrylics on loose canvas.
This is fabulous. the eyes of the baby and the difference style between the baby and the adult are very creative. "talks shit"?
Lazarus, Wayne, Sno, a ton of thanks!!
If I recall correctly, there was something beneath the present surface that read: money talks, shit walks….. I decided to leave some of that….😆😂
You really nailed it again, buddy.
Another great example of a picture saying more than words can express.
Again a powerful image very well painted. The Baby has become the focal who’s loss?
Such a great piece with wonderful brushwork and use of lights versus darks for effect. It certainly sends a strong message. Great work.
The baby has the look of a conscious sentient being - not just another dirty diaper. You continue to amaze with an uncanny talent for pumping life and emotion onto canvas with paint.
All 3 of the people are interesting. The baby's eyes are especially compelling. Your color choices are, as always, wonderful. We have grown to expect nothing less from you!
Ladies and gents, great encouragement from all of you. Very much appreciated!! Thank you!!