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Thought I should paint it, seeing as it is coming! Oil on canvas 16 x 24. C and c appreciated.
Beautiful painting! I love the Autumn colors you've chosen and the scene is lovely. ❤ (y)
So true , a year without summer.
I miss my friends in Vancouver and the daily visit to Granville island and the fabulous food.
At my age, missing a summer is no fun. And you can’t travel either.
Biz painted a beautiful end of summer.
Arty, lovely words, which are much appreciated!, I am pleased you think it is balanced. Thank you!
Moscatel, love that hear emoji! Thank you so much!
16ga, thank you. I am very glad you like it!
Wonderful !
The ambiance could not be any more true of Autumnal beauty.

I miss not seeing it in person anymore, but this really brings it back. Thanks.
Yesterday, I drove by this tree and it was so vibrant that I couldn’t forget it. I turned around and took a picture.
It reminded me of your painting.



It is lovely that you thought of my painting when you saw such a beautiful tree. That makes me happy! Thank you. Are you going to paint it?