11 x 14 oil on paper .. Alla Prima .. Knives couple little pines basking in the sun
I like the look of the warm leaves on the ground against the pines. The leaves even look crunchy. Very peaceful scene, Wayne.
Nice! That spotlight of sun is interesting; seems to be marking the spot, as in "X marks the spot," which adds a little mystery to the painting. And yeah, like the others, that complementary play between the warm ground and the greens is enlivening.
Great palette ! Love the play of warm and cool; one of my favorites of yours now.
Well thank you Sno .. our color is almost gone now .. one more good wind storm.
This is a great fall scene. I like the sense of chill in the air, and the natural progression from the cold in the background to the warmth in the foreground. Nicely done!
Thank you Terri .. in the entrance on a little slope of a wood road. My wife and I were out for a drive on a country road and I stopped and walked into the entry. Saw nothing. Turned to go back to the car and the little pines were standing in a bunch of shredded needles and leaves. The interaction of reds and browns forced me to take a picture and of course I had to add my two cents. 😎

Thanks Jo. That's twice today I won something. On a roll.