Autumn birches


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16 x 24 oil on canvas. Thanks for looking and any c and c!
Oh, wow, wow, wow. Your paintings are like technicolour. That birch is so stunning it could almost be an Indonesian one, if I didn't know better. That looks a beautiful spot. Is from life?
I like the background trees and midground light. The blue of the water seems quite dark in value and high chroma compared to the sky. Blue of water is usually a slightly darker value than upper sky. Some photos can exaggerate the chromas.
Lovely painting, I like your style here but have to agree about the water being a little dark
Thank you kindly Arty, you are too kind!
Thank you too, Wayne and Desforges.
Sno, thank you so much - how pleased am I!
Patrick, thank you for your comment and critique - yes I think it needs a revision - it is not quite as extreme irl and in the photo, however. - thank you also for your kind comment!