Astronomers march for funding

Dave Woody

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Acrylic on paper 37cm x 25cm

I was just about to go to bed when I got this idea of Astronomers hi-jacking a movement
and marching for greater funding.

The humour is obvious with a 'rhymes with matter...' chortle and a Brit more....
Looking at it from my phone it looks f'kin great...
The red mist backdrop. That's inspiration. Sometimes.
You forgot "Dark Matter .."
Don't change.
This one is hilarious, especially with all the nonsense that is going on it the world today. 😁
Thank you Snoball and Iain...y'know.....I might just take your
advice and not change it....
(Red mist... wow..interesting idea..)

I did consider adding a background like Cape Canaveral ... outlining and detailing the figures....
I might just tweak the speech bubbles a bit ...