Artist's Residencies

I would actually love to do one. I think that I'd really benefit. I've seen a few open at the mo, mostly for early next year but we'll have to see how the world is in a few months
Arty, thank you for the link. There are listed residencies in other countries, too! WOW I wonder if it's difficult to get selected in to one.
I didn't know of the existence of this, they are beautiful things, strong,
in recent years they speak of the villages to rediscover them,
of some initiative to repopulate them (but I think from what for 20 or 30 years the part of my country had been largely abandoned in the center and the closure of many shops had begun (or the many abandoned houses or that seem to break down, crumbling including mine, mine), apart from the restaurants that were born new and movement in the summer months even if it is actually in a position halfway between sea and mountains,), I thought who knows if at least some artists with art would have could have lived there or revived those places,
(going back to the villages, that there are many villages and in all regions (some are really beautiful, characteristic as places and therefore I think the view would make it curious, beautiful to live there) maybe in some there is art for salvation, in a yes, they authorized, had very good artists do murals, even some from abroad and the place actually benefited so much from this, that is, before this year, with tourism, the walls, the houses are now beautiful to see etc, we talked about the place)
If you don't apply, you will never know.
Won´t be applying to that many because only sending application costs about 70 €, numbers differ but if I remember correct it was around there. Of course, it´s possible that there are some accepting applications without costs, too. Will check one in Ireland in case there´s one .. I have something in mind.