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The Sanctuary of Truth, Thailand:

Some time ago I came across some images of a building in Thailand called The Sanctuary of Truth. It’s a brilliant, fascinating, contemporary architectural complex built within the last few decades.

Take a look:










Just do a google search for "amazing architecture" and you will find an array of impressive, some beautiful, some amazing, some unbelievable and some downright ridiculous. Here is one of the impressive.
Strong, thanks for this example and I will try.

in the previous comment I was initially about to write that I don't know anything about architecture but I really like castles (maybe Gothic), temples and above all I really like everything done by the architect Antoni Gaudí. I think it is fantastic, an absolute genius.

you like it ? possibly I wanted to advise you to look for his projects. the constructions
I therefore like to see, to look for what he has done because I have seen images of the Holy Family since I think it is fantastic.
Holy family which is perhaps the work, the construction, the cathedral, the palace, to the world that fascinates me most. I thought it was the most particular or beautiful work. But everything done by him is wonderful.
There is a building with a window which is actually a dragon's nostril

I can't find that window,
however, this also gives an idea of his works.
this is
Gaudí e home Batlló

Yes. It's crazy incredible. I posted the other building for something a little different, not to compare. ;)
Oh I didn't mean to say you were trying to compare. I saw some incredibly ridiculous buildings when I googled strange architecture, talk about something different!
I bet. I actually like Hudertwasser's art (paintings) more than I like his buildings anyway. He was an interesting man.
Makomanai Takino Cemetery, Atama Daibutsu

“Renowned Japanese architect Tadao Ando brings harmony to the landscape by enclosing a large stone Buddha in a lavender covered hill. Located in the Makomanai Takino Cemetery in Sapporo, Ando was charged with shaping the landscape around the pre-existing sculpture.

For 15 years, the 44-foot-tall Buddha stood alone as a solemn 1,650-ton figure in a field. “Until now, the Buddha statue has stood alone in the field, giving an unrestful impression. The client wanted to give visitors a more serene appreciation of the Buddha,” Ando shared. “Our idea was to cover the Buddha below the head with a hill of lavender plants. We called the idea the ‘head-out Buddha.’”

Visitors are invited to approach the Atama Daibutsu (The Buddha’s Head) via a 130-foot tunnel, the slow approach revealing the statue until one enters into an open dome, which allows the sky to act as a halo for the figure. The base of the mound is embraced by water gardens, providing added serenity to the scene. Here, Ando plays with elements of nature that slowly reveal the Buddha, whose head only slightly peers out of the mound.




From the exterior, the 150,000 lavender plants aid in the ever-changing mood of the monument. From the rich purple summer blooms and lush spring vegetation to a white snow-capped winter, with each new season the Hill of the Buddha takes on a different appearance. In this way, Ando allows the landscape to take control of the area, reshaping the way we view the manmade element inserted into the land.

“The project might be considered on the scale of landscape rather than architecture. It required a special frame of mind to rearrange the environment, and was a challenging and precious experience for us.” This isn’t the first time Ando, a self-taught architect who is now a leading figure in contemporary architecture, has used nature to define space. In the mid-1990s, his Awaji Yumebuta or “100 Stepped Garden” helped transform what was once destined to become a landfill into a community gathering space.

Japanese architect Tadao Ando created the spectacular “Hill of the Buddha” to encase a pre-existing, 44-foot-tall stone Buddha at the Makomanai Takino Cemetery in Sapporo.


Visitors walk through a long tunnel until they are face to face with the stone Buddha.





Water gardens surround the Buddha complex:



Tadao Ando: Buddha Complex