Another New one


I made this little one today called The Flower Tree with Upside Down Dogs. It's 9 x 6 inches on Fabriano paper.

The flower tree is upside down too so a person could hang it either way. ;) Looks great and much faster than you have been working lately. :)
I find it for some reason a bit disturbing. But in a good way. It's an intruiging image.
Thanks sno. It was small and easy, so it went fast. Waiting for the oil painting to dry a little, so I'm just messing about.
Thank you so much Iain. ❤️
EJH, thanks for your comment, I take it as a huge compliment--the disturbing part included. :)
I like it so much also the fact that it is upside down and the colors. maybe they are conflicting things but I find it relaxing, cheerful observing it. I like it