Animation Shows the Process of Bridge Building in the 14th Century


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Building a Bridge in the 14th Century

This article from My Modern Met includes an animation that illustrates the incredible processes involved in bridge building at the time of the Renaissance.


Of particular note is the use of vast quantities of lumber for temporary supports in the building of the bridge. This was common in the construction of large buildings as well.


Some years back I read the marvelous book, Brunelleschi's Dome which explored the construction of the great Duomo in Florence...


As the sculptor/architect set out to build the vast dome of the Cathedral of Florence, he was faced with the fact that the surrounding areas did not have enough trees to provide the lumber needed to build the usual wood supports for a dome on this scale, and the costs of shipping such lumber were simply astronomical. The novel/biography/history explores just how Brunelleschi solved this problem and how he is justifiably compared with Leonardo among Renaissance geniuses. An excellent read, IMO.

This video is also quite fine.
What I find amazing about that video is how precise they were back then at airdropping parts into place. :LOL: