And I even made the shoes


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BBA13FF6-EBD7-40C2-835A-6DFCFF02CFB1.jpeg Doll clothes for a Blythe doll. I made this when my granddaughter named Blythe received a Blythe doll and she needed some clothes. I had to buy myself a doll so I could fit the clothes. This is my Blythe. I named her Jane and of course this is her outfit. I made the hat and even the shoes. Her feet are so tiny the shoes were a challenge.
This is sooo cool!!! How difficult and tedious to make that hat (and the shoes too). You must have good hands and eyes, and patience. :)
Thanks everyone. it was a labor of love. Also I just wanted to find out if I could do it. They are tedious and take a long tome to make. At least for me. I made the patterns myself so I was constantly altering them to fit and this doll has such a tiny body. But she sure has a big head but she’s got personality. I had to give up sewing for her because I had to become an arms dealer.


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