An old one.


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I don't really do much digital work but I was going through some stuff and found this. Its only a screenshot and I don’t know if I still have an original copy anywhere so don’t mind the cursor in it. Its from 2015 or 2016.

Also at the time my old graphics tablet had died so this was done entirely with a mouse.
Thanks Arty. And yes. Only the mouse.
After deciding to do this I found the pen for my tablet destroyed. I decided to go ahead with it anyway. It Just took took a lot longer then it would have otherwise.
I applaud you! I've used a pen and a mouse both and the mouse is almost impossible to control. You've done an amazing job with a mouse. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
I have a Samsung tablet w/pen and their phone with the pen. I LOVE them for taking notes, making list, making diagrams etc. plus there is a whole lot of other things they do -- but making a digital painting? I tried for like 10 minutes then decided I have enough aggravation and failure in my life. Really admire your painting (and you) - the little whisp of a double chin - priceless.
it's a wonderful painting,
and it's amazing that you did it with the mouse, with the mouse it is almost impossible, but it is beautiful regardless of the medium.
even the tablet, programs are not easy to learn, years ago,4? I tried the tablet and learn, in a few months, in the tests I only drew and (but they were beautiful and, I'm joking, no, they were not beautiful and)
seriously, beautiful work
Thanks everyone.

I remember having to use the undo button a lot on it. The mouse really wasn't too bad for small details and moving color around some but longer flowing lines were a pain. I worked in layers and once I had the shape how I wanted it I worked in the colors and then zoomed in and erased the everything outside of where I wanted it.