After the late night show



Acrylics on canvas mounted on cardboard. This one had quite a few changes made while I struggled with the composition and everything else..... Hopefully what’s here now is somewhat better than what was there before. Oh, and there’s some newsprint from Russia (!!...) at the bottom with a few words in Cyrillic letters showing through. Why? Don’t know....

Love this Nufocus! I love the Cyrillic letters showing through too. I did a few paintings a long time ago with Cyrillic letters and I don't know why either. :LOL:
This is great Nufocus. The eyes on both look like they might have been up for the late night show. :giggle: The letters showing through are just so the viewer can say " WTH?" ;)
For me this works really really well. It's wonderful in fact, I would love that on my wall. This is obviously a scene from post Soviet Russia. 😀
Oh my, Lazarus!…. Thank you for fishing this one out. I nearly forgot….😂
And Sylwia, thank you too!
It's a beauty. ❤ Expressions, composition and palette are terrific. That little stub of a cigarette sets the tone for me.