advice, superficial scratch from a stray kitten.


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Near the house there are stray cats and 2 kittens for about 2 or 3 months. one of the 2 little ones, follows people. it makes itself felt. in a corner with a saucer I was about to put some food for the cats that I was about to empty from the tray, I was looking for a place to put it so as not to dirty the street but the kitten was impatient, in reality it took me a long time and for a moment I stopped, he did two jumps to catch it but he first touched my hand, he made a very small mark with his nail, no blood came out, he raised about half a centimeter of skin, or less. after a few minutes I rinsed with soap and water. immediately after hydrogen peroxide, then I rinsed with soap and water, the soap was antibacterial I think. can I rest assured? the second kitten obviously has some disease, they are strays, they both have something, and parasites, they are not vaccinated. I believe there were other little brothers but soon only them remained. do I have to worry about some illness because of the scratch? Being superficial, is that okay? if I get infected, if there is any problem in a few days I would understand it from swelling, etc? . I think I'm exaggerating in worrying and also because six years ago I only slightly hit my shoulder against a wall but for 2 years I got tired of holding the mechanical pencil and some wooden pencils, after that it's better now but drawing has remained more tiring. I would like to avoid consequences for the scratch, maybe it's not even a real scratch, it just grazed me, I don't seem to feel anything, sometimes but perhaps by suggestion in places far from where it grazed me
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Well, I'm not a doctor, but if this kitten didn't draw blood, then your skin barrier stayed intact. If your skin stays intact then nothing nasty can get into your bloodstream. You did the right thing by washing it off with an antibacterial soap, regardless. But if that's pretty much all that happened, you shouldn't stress over it.

It's kind of you to offer some food. You might want to contact a local kitten or cat rescue group to come pick up these little guys. Sounds like they could use some help!
Thank you so much Terri.
you are right about the associations, unfortunately there is no one who takes care of cats in my town or in nearby places.
in my town there are one or 2 associations that deal with stray dogs.
they do a good job, they rescue these dogs and get them adopted throughout Italy, but there is nothing similar for cats. discovered years ago, after the first year of Covid, of Lockdown, one evening we heard some kittens hiding in a courtyard behind the wood, I walked away hoping that their mother would arrive but the next day they were crying, unfortunately something had happened to their mother, I took the kittens to be seen by a vet and dewormed. they were about a month old, maybe a few days older.
I looked for associations, I hoped that they would grow up healthy and be adopted, vaccinated and maybe sterilized. I looked for associations, I discovered that there was one but only for dogs.
I tried, I asked for both help and to adopt them, immediately or just enough, I tried, I thought that
they would have grown, that they were out of danger, they started to run after you, to grow, but after just over a week they didn't make it, one morning I found one dead and the others on that day.
, by being able to return to that and look after them better, they would have survived. understood after some mistakes, they also had bad luck for a couple of things and it was the end of September like now, but we went from the heat of the first 2 days to bad weather to a very cold wind, at least a week or 2 needed to be monitored more and better , it's one of those days that I would like to repeat to do the right things, but it's not possible. .