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Barely noticeable. ;)

Politics and so on would turn into a version of WC Debates, which isn't part of this site. I sorta wish it were, but moderation of WC Debates was a big problem for moderators. Things do tend to get heated and feelings hurt sometimes with discussions of politics and other current events. Even being a guide in Debates, which I was for awhile, took a lot of time. Also, for a debates forum to thrive, gotta be a lot of people who want to participate. I don't get the feeling that's the case here.
interesting this statistic, I was wondering something like this, that I had noticed a couple of more messages
regarding what Musket said, I believe that however art is a little bit in all things, that is, it can be the reason for many ideas and reflections, (among the things that I would have asked a few years ago, that period, the works of satire policy of Jim Carrey. on some individual drawings, or / and in general if you were following it, what did you think, even sooner or later I probably would have tried to ask something like that, if there were such episodes, of how art has screamed in history and modified it, Picasso? for the universal exhibition it is chance that comes to mind but there will be many that I do not know, ask how you see this, the union you see between politics and art, if you are interested or how it should , it could be, when it is sincere, when it was not, or questions about the function of art, in short, things that I have sometimes wondered about or would have liked to know more about and what Musket, Wc Databese and similar places say are places where one could speak re of things like that these are examples, an example of things in which I will be a bit fixed obviously), also to be able to know the thoughts and ideas of people you admire and you will continue to admire regardless of their political ideas (or other even if they will be opposed to yours) is something that if anything helps to think, not to get bogged down, not to judge without first reflecting, to listen, to reflect before any judgment whatever it is, whether or not you change your mind is something that you will have more inside and not less.

true however, that things like politics and religions can lead to clashes and injuries, which is not nice, on a personal level I would not like to clash or see people clashing that I admire a lot both in art and humanly.
that is, debates, to speak regardless of the topic I think it is beautiful, but the internet seems to lead people to get hurt for no reason, this is horrendous, it would be horrendous even if here I see it difficult.
so I don't know, it's a very interesting but also very delicate topic, something it's hard to say, to decide on, something I don't think there are 70% indifferent, and 15% in favor and 15% against but like, 0% indifferent and 50 % in favor and 50% against, or 65% against, 5% indifferent, 30% in favor.

that is, true and interesting triovo the one who wrote Musket and I thought aloud. I mean, I just wrote what I thought

Joe (and possibly Musket), and others that care: this thread and this forum is not for debating or deciding whether or not we are going to have a debates section. Having the conversation about it seems to me just a roundabout way of trying to get one in place. Personally, talking deeply about art is preferred and encouraged here, as that is what I wanted! Debate as a "thing" is not discouraged as long as it's in the spirit of and on the subject of art. A "Debates" forum/section or subject has nothing to do with how art fits into our society, deeper ideas of art in history, respect for others' views on art despite their political dispositions, and et al, etc. Debates are debates. Disagreements are disagreements. If people want to pretend not to know the differences between these things, I honestly can't help very much, but can only lay out the rules of the site as best I can and put mods here that I feel do understand these differences. I didn't set out to disappoint anyone--quite the opposite. I also didn't set out to censor or silence anyone. I wanted to make a friendly alternative (and additional) community for artists to meet and share their creative ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc.--a forum that was in better technical working order than WetCanvas, DeviantArt, Craigslist, etc.--cleaner and more user-friendly. (and we are still ironing things out ;))I was never interested in making something exactly like WetCanvas with the same exact rules, or claimed it was a better community, or even wanted to compete with another huge site like that. I'm just one person with a partner, and we have two other moderators with us now.

I'm also not interested in trying to bridge a divide between the political isle, moderate what is or isn't appropriate for people's religious or anti-religious agenda, pound the hammer down on who should be tolerant or stricter about thy neighbor's opinions, etc. I'm so not into any of that stuff. People can sell, or not sell that kind of thing elsewhere. My official opinion is that I have a zero opinion about others' opinions, as far as you know. I love art. I love artists. If I didn't, I would not have put my heart into making this site.

So, 'nuff said. Carry on.

I'm not angling for a debates forum here, Arty. I didn't plan on sayin' anything else. Just explaining to ik345.
I'm afraid that the LOL icon at the end of my comment was too small and was not noticed by most who were reading. To put it straight for everyone being too serious: I was kidding!
I went out of the question, sorry, I meant that I think art is everywhere, so I find Musket's thought shareable, I don't know what art is like but maybe when you want to make art you are already debating, saying something (which therefore what it can happen in images as well as with words) but I would not know myself if I would have asked or not forum debates for the cons and pros exposed (it is also acceptable not to be interested in the debates in a forum on art), I said this, moreover I would not have asked for anything , it seems bad to me to ask you anything and Hannah,
because you have already done a lot and I do not even know what to ask (50 and 50% was also on my thoughts), creativespark was born from your sensitivity to try to create a beautiful virtual square on art (in my opinion, what succeeded immediately, even in the first predisposition of the forum and sub forum, as well as in this one and you are well predisposed towards the inputs, so that you ask for more, that is, you have done a great job to create a square that could be pleasant, please everyone and you have always continued like this ), a fantastic place to post your stuff, have exchanges on what is the passion and, hobby or passion of all those who want to subscribe to the site.
it's a beautiful thing. you have shown great sensitivity and attention in doing this, for which I am very grateful, last out of the question in the post, promised, just to say thank you, sensitivity and passions like yours are not easy to find very rare, because otherwise Wetcavans, and also conceptart.org (regardless of the name it was like wetcavans, it closed 2 years ago, I discovered both of them almost together, and towards the end, I registered then mostly wetcavans but both were encyclopedias and art museums without end )
both of those sites didn't disappear into thin air, and it's really so absurd and unfair, they could never, should have shut down and disappeared (i.e.
, you can close a site, but all the contents of these sites have disappeared, almost all for wetcavans and this is a damage, there was beauty and information that does not exist in other physical places that is impossible, and even online), they were sites that for more than 20 years they had brought together and even trained thousands of artists, then there were thousands of galleries of fantastic artists that at least had to be preserved in order to be able to remember and get to know many fantastic artists, then there was any information and easily consulted, moderators, over the years they had collected the events and discussions in links and subforums.
In my opinion the moderators, administrators and users of these sites are sorry for the closure and loss of these sites, and they would not have wanted that, the rest of the world either does not care or did not know the joy they could give to the sight and minds of those sites , otherwise the new wetcavans you called it NEWWETCANS forum and left
the old present and in full even if only for the consultation, ditto concepart but now redirects to a site where they sell water bottles, so they bought domain after 2 or 3 years in which they asked to save it and also collected funds,
we are in a world where today we talk about online universities or many paid solutions that however do not have a real interaction, they do not give much for how they are made while Wetcavans and Conceptart gave too much but had the defect of being free, people and artists like Artyczar and Doug have the spirit that made Wetcavans great and and over the last 2 years they have been doing everything and they are doing everything to preserve that, you are amazing.
In my opinion Cretivespark was born from the spirit of Wetcavans, it is therefore something positive and therefore the nafraughi of wetcavans and conceptart would find an ideal landing place if they were aware of it.
I think the growth of participants is now consequential, it could also be interesting, probably reaching 2000 or 3000 users in small time ,

sorrow and that your sensitivity is very rare,
because iti like Wetcavans and Concepart arrived at the closure and the new site before the pandemic, not because of a global economic and health crisis but because they offered so much and did not ask for anything, one of the few places online where there is no shouting, even discussions and offenses, like, maybe someone received a criticism and was offended, but often misunderstandings did not occur out of malice but to help or to exchange ideas, even in debates, on the internet in reality there are often trolls, those who happen to find who is there only to provoke, on Wetcavans and creatispark and conceptart no.
I wrote a message where maybe it seems that I miss the hatred, the confrontation, but these are the things I hate about the internet, as well as Musket, so I also apologize to him for the previous message and for this ot which makes one misunderstand the thought that art is in everything, it is great and you are equally great.