A queen for a day



Acrylics on paper. Around 12”X10”


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This is nice, Arty and I have been discussing the difficulties of painting in acrylics.
Thank you kindly Snoball.
Acrylics will never be an competitive to oils.....
I don't know, I preferred them for quite a while and most people couldn't tell the difference between my acrylics and oils, except for texture.
Oh wow! So cool to see old buddies here! Sweet. And thank you all so much. The hairy wolf shed his fur in order to concentrate on a new focus...
I love the expression of the "queen". You can layer almost any emotion on it and it works. There was a "Queen For A Day" TV show in the sixties. Women came on and the one that pitched the best tear-jerker hard-luck story won.