A missed heirloom…



Hi guys n’ dolls,
I have been receiving regular mail from Christie’s for a long time. Can’t remember why and how it started. Anyhow, a few days ago I received an update on upcoming auctions including the one titled “women in art” (which took place in Paris yesterday). While browsing through the different lots, one of them really caught my eye and I truly liked it. When I bothered to read what’s under the image, I realized that we were talking there about Francoise Gilot - one of Picasso’s famous mistresses, the mother of the famous Paloma Picasso, who is now 99 years old. She painted that small thing around 1960 and, like I said before….. I liked it a lot. While the estimate was €2000-3000, I thought that I might be able to nab it cheaply. Small, coronavirus bullshit etc.
So I placed a bid at €1200…..
Heck, was I ever wrong!… someone grabbed that little jewel for €9,375, more than 3 times the high estimate. Bottom line: don’t try your luck at places like Christie’s or Sotheby’s…Take your time searching the flea markets of Europe, although smartasses have emptied them out long ago. Chances are you’ll end up with junk that’s not worth more than a cup of coffee and a croissant. But hope springs eternal!

That's a nice little painting. I'm sorry you were so outbid. I have tried my luck at a few auctions here and there, hoping they were not well advertised and have not had much luck either. Never a Christie's though. Recently, we were trying to get some Tibor Jankay pieces (a lot of three) and two other bidders were willing to pay above what we were willing to pay. His work hardly ever comes up, so we were willing to go into some debt for it. Now I'm a little relieved we didn't get it. There was also another small piece I fell in love with by an artist I'd never heard of (Hope Hazard Voorhees Pfeiffer), but I got out bid. This was Andrew Jones auction in Los Angeles.
I just browsed a little and found this intriguing photo of the big shot and his girl - Francoise.
Seems a good reference to work with….