A lonely lobster



I may have posted it before, quite a long time ago. However, there are so many new boys and girls here now that I thought I’d show it again. Why the heck not?!?….😀
I don't recall it. It's got GREAT color. You da master! Love all the glowing lights. I love all of it. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ⚡
Very nice looking piece. I don't remember it either. No wonder the lobster's lonely. No touch feeling happening there.
It is a wonderful work, I remember the lobster above all, but not the details of the work and the beauty of the figure,
I like everything, from the dress to the background, a chalice, an altar, which stands out from the red bench. it is a beautiful painting
I just looked at it again and….. here we go:

Black eyes black hair
Black top to match her mood
The dish ordered was there to share
He said he’d be in the neighborhood

Red velvet as deep as a lonely heart
Dimmed lights that give no rest
The torment had set right from the start
Oh the exit door will be blessed

He’d done it times before
Need I take it anymore
It’s him I wish I could hate
Hit him with the lobster on my plate

Realy like the powerful and strong atitude of your works. the stares have lots of meaning to the scene.
i wont be wrong if i would try to guess you are influnced by Van Gogh and maybe one or two more past artists from that era.
Well done.
Lazarus, Van Gogh? Yes, absolutely. You could easily add Manet and Gauguin to my influencers.
I'm sure I've seen it before! I love the stillness and sense of containment but there's a tension too ... so msybe your poem knows!
Your works are unique.